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Tribology India Limited was established in 1984 by Sundaram Industries Limited of the TVS Group in collaboration with HEF France. In the last three decades, Tribology India has grown into a technology leader in the area of Surface modification to improve wear and corrosion. A number of proprietary processes have been developed by the strong Research and Development Team to enhance surface properties of engineering components.

The aim of the company was to provide processes and technical services to extend the life and improve performance of the engineering components. The foundation the company was built on waste knowledge and after more than three decades, knowledged based still remains the company's biggest asset. Every type of machinery includes parts affected by friction, lubrication, and wear. Therefore, the role of tribology in machine operation and reliability is a major one. As a result, the effect of tribology to modern world economy is crucial.

Most Tribological problems that arise from friction and wear result from inter-play of mechanical, chemical and physical properties of the contacting materials. Solutions to tribological problems can be found in better mechanical design, effective lubricants and improved materials and services.

The company has acquired technologies for manufacture of sophisticated thermal treatment equipment from world majors. The company's in house R&D efforts continuously update the knowledge base.

In addition the company interacts with universities and research organizations to find solutions to varied problems. This entire package is offered to clients as customized solutions to meet their individual problems.

A multi-disciplinary team of experts of Material Science, Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering make the services available to the customer at his door steps. The company has established branches in strategic centres of industrial importance. Presently company is located at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
  • To achieve continual improvement in our Quality Management System and Process
  • To achieve consistency in delivery of products and services with strict adherence to our customers requirements
  • To provide suitable work environment for improved productivity and work force morale
  • To motivate our work force through regular training and promotion of work culture for effective implementation, maintenance and improvement of our Quality Management System.
Automotive Defense
Textile Agriculture
Marine Racing
To meet the exacting standards of different heat treatment processes, Tribology India entered into strategic alliances with companies in USA & Europe and acquired technologies and latest equipment. This had an advantage of producing subsequent machines in India either under the guidance of foreign companies or on the basis of their technologies and drawing

The company has been manufacturing of soft jaws used in CNC turning centres since 1998. These are cold drawn, heat treated and precision machined. These are manufactured to suit the stringent requirements of the American market. Soft jaws are made in different shapes and sizes.

Our facilities include

Metallurgical Laboratory
  • Micro and Macro Hardness testing machines
  • Optical Microscope
  • Chemical test centre